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  • Milf Gets Big Tits Tortured During Bondage Fuck

    Tacori Blu, leather bondage, extreme bondage, metal bondage
    Bondage fuck of submissive milf Tacori Blu is put through a hell of devicebondage physical punishment in these free videos. She gets put into metal bondage with chains and has her clothes ripped off. Those massive boobs look fantastic in big tit bondage with clamps squeezing on the pain filled nipples! Even though Tacori Blu tries to be tough through the extreme bondage, she screams and moans in pain. Completely naked, Tacori is put in a collar and has her arms and legs restrained together with leather bondage. In this submissive position, the slave milf gets a foot caning and has an anal bondage fucking with a night stick. Finally, strapped to a metal cage, the submissive slave is tortured with the pinwheel and clothespin clamps until her shrieks fill the bondage dungeon
    Tacori Blu, leather bondage, extreme bondage, metal bondage

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    Water Bondage First Live Shoot!

    water bondage, slave girls, suspension bondage, rope bondage


    Water Bondage has started giving live bdsm sex shows. For their first ever show which was streamed live to WaterBondage members, two sexy slave girls get a wild mental and physical torment. Keeani Lei and Delilah Strong are put into rope bondage with night sticks up their submissive pussies. Then the girls get warmed up with a blast of cold water. The water torture is intense and makes the slave girls squirm on the dildos up their pussies. The sexy slaves are allowed to play in a water bondage tank between scenes. They use vibrators and sex toys during the intense water fucking. Then their torment continues with more water blasting, suspension bondage, tit torture, and many forced orgasms. This live water bondage video is intense and you won’t want to miss the other live feeds.

    water bondage, slave girls, suspension bondage, rope bondage

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    Submissive Asian Slave Blasted With Water Bondage

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    Lei Lani has no idea what’s in store for her when she enters this water bondage dungeon! The sexy Asian slave girl is put into hemp rope bondage and left wriggling on the dirt floor. She gets blasted with a high power hose during the first water bondage scene. The water makes the tight ropes grind deep into her slippery wet skin. Lei Lani gets cleaned off while ball gagged and tied up in a water bondage pool. The mental torment is almost too much for the submissive girl and her limits are pushed to the breaking point. It isn’t over for Lei Lani yet though! The submissive slut is put into an extreme rope strappado bondage where she is suspended from the ceiling. In this creative bondage pose, Lei Lani gets her ass and pussy blaster with multiple high power water bondage hoses.
    asian slave, water bondage, strappado bondage

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    Busty Slut Gets Full Sex Slave Training

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    Busty Slut Mia Lelani has done normal porn before but she has never been completely fucked into submission. In this new full bondage video from The Training of O, the sexy blonde slut gets tied and fucked until she is trembling from multiple orgasms. To get the busty slut warmed up, she is tied up in big tit bondage and gives oral servitude. Then the inexperienced submissive slave is put into the bondage stockades and has her white panties cut off. She is fucked until the little bitch is begging to cum and nearly crazy from orgasm denial. By the time Mia Lelani is put into extreme rope bondage and fucked in every one of her holes, the busty slut finally learns what it means to serve!
    busty slut, submissive slave, tit bondage, rope bondage

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    German Slave Girl Bound And Fucked In Public

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    A submissive German Slave Girl slut gets a very kinky humiliation in this new video from Public Disgrace. The skinny brunette is taken into the streets for electroshock treatment. Once she is all warmed up, her clothes are ripped off while she gets more shock therapy in a public square. Completely naked, the submissive slave is put into extreme restraints and whipped while a crowd watches. Even with the complete bdsm humiliation and pain searing through her ass, the slave girl is still eager for more. In the free bondage movies, she gives a public blowjob with a mouth forced open by a spider gag, is bound and fucked in the metro station, and has her ass electro shocked during submissive sex in a public park.
    slave girl, bdsm humiliation, submissive sex, public disgrace

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    Slave Girls Forced To Cum During Bondage Sex

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    With two girls in restraints submitting to bondage sex, you can bet this free BDSM video from Sex and Submission is juicy! The two submissive girls take extreme slave training right from the get go. They are forced to service each others’ slave pussies while in extreme device bondage. The tight rope bondage cuts through their skin as they squirm during forced orgasms. When the submissive slaves don’t fuck each other hard enough, their master disciplines them with a bare ass caning. The blonde busty slut gets nipple torture while the other slave girl grinds her pussy with a vibrator and gives her a submissive sex anal fisting. Both the sexy girls in restraints are forced to come repeatedly before finally being allowed to service their master’s cock during bondage sex.
    girls in restraints, submissive slaves, device bondage

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